Beautiful bracelet
Hi there :3
I've just found this absotutely beautiful bracelet picture in Tumblr and it was love at first sight <3
[ I really really really must have it ]

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Dear winter
Oh dear winter when will you come back :3

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DIY bleached shorts
Hello, hello :3
So today I'm very very happy :D
I just did a DIY bleached shorts, and I'm really happy with the results I got :'3
Why spending money buying already fabricated bleached shorts, that sometimes can be a little expensive if you can do it yourself at home :D
Well that's what I did ;P I had some old denim jeans that I didn't use anymore, so I transformed them into shorts, and why not give them a cute touch and bleach them ? ;P
I also distressed the end of the shorts to make them look even more awesome x)

So my shorts look something like this picture :)

You also can use your creativity and do other diferent things like adding studs, distressing even more, paint it another colors, etc...

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Heya everyone :3
Everyone loves some type or style of clothing, well I'm no exception x3
I'm like completely obsessed, ok not so obsessed, but i really really love clothes with patterns of galaxys ;3
I think it looks really beautiful and it's a fun to wear :3

Some of them are hand painted (it's really amazing) and others are already fabricated like that.

Hand Painted


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True love
“I finally understood what true love meant that you care for another person's happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be.”
~ Nicholas Sparks, Dear John

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Welcome to my Wonderland

This is going to be my first entry in this blog :D yay!
Finally I've created a new one x) the last one that I had was a couple of years ago -_-

So I'm Harumi & I'm 18 years *-*
This blog is just going to be a simple blog talking a little bit about everthing

I hope you like it and follow :'3

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